A.T. Premax has always paid a lot of attention to the storage issue within a laboratory environment. In order to keep the workspace clean and in order, the Customer must be given as many options ad possible.

Metal cabinets

Metal cabinets represent the most traditional solution for the organisation of glassware and lab supplies.

These cabinets come with metallic or glass sliding doors and 4 adjustable shelves.

The shelves are highly resistant and they can be also used as office storage.

Metallic shelves

Directly produced by A.T. Premax, these shelves are designed and realised according to the Customer’s specific needs. Since the same materials are used, the can be perfectly conbined with the other furnishing lines.

Safety cabinets

Chemicals and flammables require more specific storage unit in order to guarantee the users’ safety. The Customer can choose among a wide range of solutions for the storage of particular or hazardous substances.