Linea Gemina is a modular system designed following the concept of the laboratory as a dynamic environment in constant evolution. All the components are flexible and adjustable for any future modifiations. This furniture system is certified in compliance with UNI EN 13150 regulation.

Support structure
The “C” frame structure is built in order to provide a high loading capacity and avoid the worktop to carry any weight. It allows an excellent stability, providing a great aestethic result st the same time.

Adjustable shelves
The Gemina shelves can be adjusted in height by sliding along stainless steel poles. This system allows a perfect sanification avoding the classic rack screw adjustment.

Utility connection
In the back of every bench there is an empty compartement that can contain and hide all the utilities connection. It is covered by removable panels.m

Service panel
The benches can be provided with an upper panel that is supposed to be implemented with the various utilities and services needed: electrical sockets, sink, water taps, gas taps, etc.

Gemina benches can be combined with every typology of work top.