Anti-vibrating workstation

A.T. Premax developed the design of an anti-vibrating unit composed of a powder-coated metal base, filled with sand, covered with a marble top. This unit can be easily combined with any bench of Studio and Gemina furnishing lines and, if needed, in can be added at a later time.

This type of product is chosen for particular instruments that require a total absence of vibrantion, i.e. analytical balances.

The best work surface in which the anti-vibration unit can be inserted is the HPL, on which it can be easily placed the hole for the marble in the position the Customer demand.

Exagonal benches

Mainly designed to meet the educational institution demands, the A.T. Premax exagonal benches represent the perfect solution for a shared workspace.

Up to six people can be seated and it is the right product for the optimization of spaces. They can be realised with a HPL worktop or a TopGlass worktop, and also implemented with utilities, if needed.

Laboratory desks

For a perfect combination with the workbenches, every furnishing line designed by A.T. Premax is enriched by desks, produced with the same materials and features in order to provide the Customer with a uniform result.

Extraction arms

Extraction armd are perfectly suitable to manage specific aspiration point, whether for occasional operations or for particular instruments that exhale (muffle furnace, heaters, atomic absortion, etc).

Emergency showers

Since the laboratory environment must first of all be a safe work space, it is necessary to provide all the needed protective deviced. Among them, A.T. Premax offers a wide range of choice concerning emergency showers and eye-wash. Available in many solutions, they can be easily integrated in the whole furniture.


The laboratory seat must be calibrated to the bench height (h 90cm). Therefore A.T. Premax offers a wide range of stools.
They can be configured with or without backrest and with or without wheels.
The main materials are classic beech or black polyurethane.