Absence of vibrations and complete flexibility

Anti-vibration module

Inside a laboratory, the presence of a bench that guarantees the total absence of vibrations and oscillations for an optimal use of precision instruments (eg analytical balances) remains of great need. The Premax anti-vibration bench reinterprets the more classic solution thanks to the creation of a painted metal frame containing sand to which a marble slab is applied which will become an integral part of the worktop. This system allows you to combine the guarantee of an absolute absence of vibrations with complete flexibility. The anti-vibration area can in fact be combined with any module of the Gemina Line, allowing additional possible implementations, even subsequent ones. The work surface recommended for inserting the anti-vibration drum is full-thickness plastic laminate. In fact, this top allows you to drill the marble slab without constraints.

Depth of the work surface

The worktop for the application of the anti-vibration drum can have a standard depth of 750 mm with riser or 850 mm with riser flush with the surface.

Worktop heights available

– 90 cm (laboratory bench height)
– 78 cm (desk height)